Select cut meats seasoned to perfection with Greedy Lee's special blend of herbs & spices.


Just like Mama makes. We pulled out our best posts to bring you sides that touch you to your soul.


Ask for an extra dab of Greedy Lee's secret Southern Drip Sauce. Your tastebuds will thank you!

GreedyLees BBQ

Our Story Begins In The South

Greedy Lee's BBQ is the southern expression of Sunday football tailgaiting mixed with long awaited family reunions in the sunny Florida weather. The grille is smokin' and music is playin while our Southern Drip sauce oozes down your fingers. It's summertime any time with the delicious taste of comfort food from Greedy Lee's BBQ.

Greedy Lees Tampa BBQ

"I've had some great barbecue but, Greedy Lee's is beyond great!"

N. Jackson • Tampa, FL

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